"Your Litigation Support Specialists"

PLDS offers a wide array of litigation and copying/scanning services, providing you and your firm a fast and cost-effective solution. We will go anywhere within the State of California, and we offer full Litigation support. 


Our Services include:


Record Production/Reproduction

Our professional software and high-volume printers can handle and produce any job at a fast pace without sacrificing the quality of the work. We are dedicated to providing you with high quality work at a reasonable cost and in a timely manner


On-Site/In-House Digital Record Scanning/Copying

With the usage of high-quality professional scanners, we will go anywhere in the State of California to copy and/or scan all types of records, X-Rays, Plans, etc.; nothing is too big or too small


OCR/Text-Searchable Documents

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) offers you the fast & time-efficient way to easily search any scanned document we produce for you. Search for keywords or specific texts to find wherever that word exists within the records. No more searching through hundreds of pages to find what you're looking for


Record Indexing

Full tabbing of Medical & Billing records for easy reference and accessibility


Subpoena & Notice - Production/Preparation and Serving

We produce/prepare and serve all types of Subpoenas abiding by California Code of Civil Procedure

(Deposition Subpoena(s); Trial Subpoena(s); Duces Tecum, etc.)


Authorization Preparation

HIPPA compliant Authorization procurement and preparation


Arranged Copy Jobs

Original records are disassembled, copied, reassembled and returned to the Custodian of Records in the same order & condition submitted to us

PLDS Electronic Order Form PDF [ 128 KB ]
Download our electronic order form; fill out and send it to our office via the submit button located at the bottom of the order form.  If you're a new client, please contact our office to setup an account. Phone: (877) 797-7537

Other services we provide:


•Relocation Investigation

•X-rays/Films Copying

•Video & Audio Duplication

•High Volume Record Production

•E-Mail Support/Status Updates

•Colored Photographs

•Volume Discounts

•Bates Numbering


And much more! Contact our office for more information!

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